MCTS Arthur R. Sypek Center


Pennington, New Jersey

FVHD began providing services to the District at the Arthur R. Sypek Center with a Facility-wide Study to help prioritize projects, determine an overall scope of work needed at each facility, determine a preliminary budget and explore funding. Upon completion of the study, the District decided to move forward on an addition of a central entrance canopy, security upgrades to the lobby, and the addition of locker commons at the main administrative / classroom building. Also included is a new food service / dining facility with a building expansion to provide a new state-of-the-art kitchen food prep, dishwashing and serving spaces. Access was provided from the new kitchen to the existing culinary arts program space to enhance the existing educational program. Renovations were also made in the facilities to reconfigure general classrooms / lecture spaces to provide more traditional classrooms spaces, aiding the District in transitioning from a part-time to full-time high school curriculum. Renovations to the lobbies will create a more secure entry, along with renovations for a new nurse's suite. Campus-wide toilet room renovations and the replacement of the interior and exterior doors provided much needed upgrades, ADA compliance and improved security.

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