Monmouth Regional High School


Tinton Falls, New Jersey

Preparing for the sunshine that Spring will bring! Monmouth Regional High School District is excited about its new source of efficient renewable energy, a solar/photovoltaic system. The recently installed building wide rooftop solar panel array will help the district conserve energy and generate additional income. 

After their successful referendum in 2018, addition and renovations project have been under way since early 2019.  The projects include an auxiliary gymnasium addition, three new synthetic turf fields, new main gym floor, renovated and added toilet rooms, auditorium upgrades, building-wide HVAC and electrical upgrades, partial window and roofing replacement, and a building-wide, roof-mounted solar panel array.

FVHD has also previously completed several projects to upgrade and expand the Monmouth Regional High School as well as improve its efficiency in function and energy usage. Previous projects include:

- Architect of Record Services
- Classroom Renovations
- Window Replacement
- Athletic Storage Addition
- Band Storage Addition
- Exterior Bleacher Replacement
- Press Box Renovations
- Complete Fire Alarm Replacement
- Locker Room Alterations & Renovations
- Masonry Restoration & Waterproofing
- Parking Lot Repaving
- Pre-Referendum Services
- Replacement of Storefront, windows and doors
- Renovations to Eight Science Labs

"I want a firm that will look at the school as if they own the building. I want a firm that will listen to what the Administrators are looking for in a project. I want a firm that will take their experience and knowledge, coupled with the ideas of the district, and turn it into a completed project. I have found that firm to be Fraytak, Veisz, Hopkins and Duthie."