Hunterdon County Library - North Branch


Clinton, New Jersey

In 1999, this new 26,650 SF branch was built in Clinton, NJ, incorporating the former Grandin Library, an endowment library that had been a vital part of Clinton for 101 years. The Grandin Library is honored in the North County Branch Library with a small conference room containing materials and furniture from the original Library and furnished by the Friends of the Hunterdon County Library. The North Branch Library is designed in the Italianate-Victorian style with a wraparound porch and a two story entrance. During the charrette for the design of the new branch library, FVHD engaged the Library Administration, Staff and Board in deliberation regarding the location of the children services areas. The benefits of easy access for parents with small children in strollers, the immediate containment of children with their space for noise control, access to multi-purpose space for children's programming and the elimination of distracting foot traffic from a second floor location ultimately placed these services on the first floor. The remaining lower level was designed to accomodate adult services more frequently accessed by senior patrons such as popular materials, public internet accessible computer terminals, periodical and casual reading, fiction, large print and non-print. Remaining Adult services such as non-fiction, reference and related services for more task oriented research and privacy were placed on the second floor.

Building Area: 26,650 SF

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