Chesterfield Elementary School


Chesterfield, New Jersey

Capacity: 912
Grades: Pre-K - 6
Construction Cost: $ 25,947,116

The Chesterfield Elementary School was designed to address increasing population generated by a change in the Township planning which created a village or receiving area planned for approximately 1,100 new homes. The existing elementary school, with its capacity of 352 students, will be abandoned and the new school with a capacity of 912 will accommodate the projected Pre-K and K-6 students. The school is located with the new village and will be readily accessible for students to walk. The new school includes a geothermal ground water source HVAC system, with its associated low energy consumption and minimal maintenance characteristics. In addition, a solar/photovoltaic system will provide a source of efficient renewable energy. The building is designed to meet the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) criteria. The design incorporates continuous corridor circulation to alleviate congestion of students between class periods. The elimination of dead-end corridors allows for greater staff supervision and decreased travel time to classes within the building. The core facility and administrative wing is separated from the two-story academic wing, thereby providing greater security in the school.

1st/Lower Level: 20,136 SF; 2nd/Main Level 68,327 SF; 3rd/Upper Level 27,445 SF

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