Lenape Middle School


Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Lenape Middle School's Additions and Renovations, Phases I and II Additions consisted of 2 art rooms, TV studio and new secure entrance including new main office and guidance areas, as well as storage areas Renovations: 23 classrooms, gymnasium and locker rooms, teacher planning areas, corridors, complete removal and replacement of older building elements and systems, roof replacement, and new windows - new visual arts wing and classrooms supporting both 2D and 3D curricula - new photography lab and television studio both with unique classroom window orientation to reduce need for electric lighting - specialized, state-of-the-art music rooms with sound absorbing, articulated ceiling - state-of-the-art gymnasium and locker room equipment and materials - energy efficient components: windows, mechanical, electrical, technological, and communications systems; and roof replacement - sun shading devices reduce glare and create comfortable office and classroom settings - new tracking solar/photovoltaic array for additional building power and an educational tool - new VCT replaces asbestos tile

Size: 130,000 SF
Capacity: 1,000
Grades: 7-9

"FVHD has worked with the Central Bucks School District on a variety of projects over the past 12 years. Projects included the complete renovation of two late 1950's era middle schools and transforming them with additions and renovations into 130,000 sq. ft. contemporary learning environments that will last well into the future. The additions at each school provided new office and learning spaces that added to the building's character as well as provided needed functional space. We have been impressed by FVHD's knowledge of the educational facilities field and their creative solutions to design issues as well as attention to details. If and/or when you move ahead with a project requiring professional design services, I would respectfully recommend that FVHD Architects be seriously considered to provide those services."

Kenneth A. Rodemer, AIA
Assistant Director of Operations
Central Bucks School District

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