Franklin Township High School


Somerset, New Jersey

Building Size: 345,000 SF
Site Master Plan Size: 114 Acre Campus
Capacity: 2,000, Grades: 9-12
Construction Cost: $50,600,000
Completed: 2005

The new Franklin Township High School features clustered academic classrooms with open centralized group gathering areas equipped with student lockers. These areas are supported with administration suites and security stations to create self-contained spaces which thereby limit circulation. The school is a multi-story design for ease of circulation through open vertical access ways and segregation of grade levels. The new school also includes a three-station gymnasium. The campus was designed to serve a population of 2500 students in a new, multi-story building. The master plan for the 114 acre site development included initial and ultimate construction parking, vehicular circulation and athletic fields including baseball, softball, soccer, football, as well as a new stadium. This plan took into consideration all necessary utility infrastructure as well as provisions for State and County regulated storm water management.

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