Ewing High School - Renovation Projects


Ewing, New Jersey

The South Gymnasium is 98% complete and is able to be used by the school. The girls locker areas are nearing completion and the epoxy floor is now ready allowing for locker installation and final touches to begin. The North Gymnasium is in the demolition phase and getting ready for new construction. The boys lockers are moving fast and most demo is completed, new walls are about 80% completed and HVAC equipment (RTU’s) are now in place.

As part of its successful 2018 referendum Ewing Public High School is undergoing several renovations. Work includes: Gymnasium (2) and locker room renovations including new team and locker room layouts, athletic offices, showers and toilets with the inclusion of unisex locker rooms. The gymnasiums will get new finishes that include a new floating wood floor system, wall sound panels and ceiling sound panels at South Gym, bleachers and athletic equipment; also the replacement of existing HVAC equipment and new gym sound system and lighting. 

Additionally, the project includes the full renovation of the Ewing High School’s Auditorium with new seating (including barrier-free seating), finishes, acoustical treatments, lighting and sound booths, stage curtains/rigging and related work.

The project will also include the addition of two new men and women toilet services at the main entry corridor B101 to serve the newly renovated Auditorium.

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