Thomas Jefferson Elementary School #1


Passaic, New Jersey

FVHD worked with Passaic Public Schools to complete site renovations to the Thomas Jefferson Elementary School #1. The project, which is substantially complete, was accomplished in two phases. 

Phase 1 of the project involved the removal of existing modular classroom trailers that filled the original front playground and parking lot of the school.  

The Phase 2 scope was not only to restore the front of the school‘s site to a playground and parking lot, but to further build upon that concept with additional enhancements.  A new lighted entrance walk from the street to the building‘s main entrance was added, for convenient pedestrian travel, and to provide a clear “bifurcation” of the parking and play areas.  The playground includes new play equipment, a synthetic turf Futsal court, a rubberized walking loop, and a rubberized running track; while the parking lot provides much needed visitor parking spaces with easy access to the school’s visitor entrance.

Pictured: Before and After  photos of Thomas Jefferson Elementary School's entrance, parking lot and trailer removal.