The Meadow is in Full Bloom at Hopewell Valley Central High School

Friends of Hopewell Valley Open Space (FOHVOS) completed this project and has made the environment a better (and more beautiful) place for the students and the community. This project provides environmental benefits by naturalizing the detention basin with a low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing meadow for all to enjoy. Set in the background of the meadow is the new addition to the Hopewell Valley Central High School which was designed by FVHD and completed in 2019. FVHD is a proud supporter of FOHVOS and has worked with them to help advance the school district’s leadership in sustainability and environmental initiatives. 

FVHD is proud to be a supporter of FOHVOS. For more information please visit the FOHVOS website: CLICK HERE.

To learn more the Hopewell Valley Central High School project: CLICK HERE.

To learn more about how FVHD can make your building “green”: CLICK HERE.

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