Lenape Middle School

Fraytak Veisz Hopkins Duthie, P.C.

Doylestown, Pennsylvania 

Size: 130,000 SF
Capacity: 1,000 Grade 7-9
Construction Cost: $14,423,318
Completed: 2010

Lenape Middle School's Additions and Renovations, Phases I and II Additions consisted of 2 art rooms, TV studio and new secure entrance including new main office and guidance areas, as well as storage areas Renovations: 23 classrooms, gymnasium and locker rooms, teacher planning areas, corridors, complete removal and replacement of older building elements and systems, roof replacement, and new windows - new visual arts wing and classrooms supporting both 2D and 3D curricula - new photography lab and television studio both with unique classroom window orientation to reduce need for electric lighting - specialized, state-of-the-art music rooms with sound absorbing, articulated ceiling - state-of-the-art gymnasium and locker room equipment and materials - energy efficient components: windows, mechanical, electrical, technological, and communications systems; and roof replacement - sun shading devices reduce glare and create comfortable office and classroom settings - new tracking solar/photovoltaic array for additional building power and an educational tool - new VCT replaces asbestos tile
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