Joyce Kilmer Elementary School


West Trenton, New Jersey

Size: 120,015 SF
Capacity: 737, Grades Pre-K - 8
Construction Cost: $20.5M
Completed: September 2006

The Joyce Kilmer Elementary School is the second Trenton, Abbott School District project completed by FVHD under the jurisdiction of the NJSDA. In working with both Hill International (Project Management Firm for Region 6) and Dome Tech (Commission Agency Firm), FVHD was able to incorporate additional LEED credits without significantly adding to the budget when the project was at 60% design completion. The following items were incorporated: - Landscape and Exterior Design to Reduce Heat Islands, Non-Roof. - Light Pollution Reduction - Construction Waste Management, Divert 50% - Local/Regional Materials, 20% Manufactured Locally - Specified materials within the building to improve indoor air quality.

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