Marlboro Township Security Entrances at Various Schools


Marlboro, New Jersey

School security has been a major concern of schools and school districts for many years, but has received an even more intense focus with recent tragedies that have occurred. As a result, school districts have been looking into ways to further increase their school security.

Working closely with the Marlboro Township School District and their Supervisor of Safety and Security, FVHD created new “Secure Lobbies” for daytime building visitors at nine facilities throughout the District. The purpose of the projects was to control access to the buildings with the use of card readers, background-check kiosks, cameras, electronic locks, and pass through security windows. Additionally, all new and existing glass around the newly created vestibules and entrances were covered with security film. The combination of all of these components is meant to slow an intruder should they intend to harm individuals in the school.

The projects consisted of new additions and alterations to existing lobby areas for securing each facility. Each project had a different design challenge. The schools that received new additions became an opportunity to create a more pleasant, definable front entrance, as was the case for Marlboro, Robertsville and Asher Holmes Elementary Schools.

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