West Freehold Elementary School


Freehold, New Jersey

The West Freehold Elementary School project was an exciting opportunity to incorporate a dynamic educational program-based component into a new school building. Our design team used interior color palettes to separate the early childhood and lower elementary classrooms from the upper elementary classrooms to enhance the concept. A continuous color theme, represented by blue geometric shapes and blue accents, serves as a visual guide and is continuous throughout the building. Two different standard geometric layouts were used per direction of travel. The early childhood full-day kindergarten component was designed as a self-contained space within the school. Five kindergarten classrooms are grouped around a centralized multi-purpose room, which serves as both the activity and physical education space, in addition to a cafeteria and large-group instruction area. Also, each classroom is designed around the “centers” concept of learning. The District’s vision was to welcome kindergarten students to a very “elementary” atmosphere vs. the upper elementary student whose pod appears more mature.

Grade Levels: K - 5
Student Capacity: 635
Construction Cost: $15.5M

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