Nestle Toll House Cafe & Kiosk


Upper Saucon, PA & Lehigh Valley, PA
Nestle Toll House Cafe, Upper Saucon, PA Our Firm was approached by the Client/Franchisee to incorporate the Nestle Toll House image and specifications within an existing building shell. Design and coordination between the Landlord and Nestle Toll House’s specifications was the main challenge. Coupled with a limited time frame in order to complete the project for the upcoming holiday season, FVHD worked closely with the Landlord’s and Nestle’s design coordinators as well as the Client and General Contractor to expedite the project. The end result was the blending of the Franchise image brand with the Landlord’s overall design. Nestle Toll House Kiosk, Lehigh Valley Mall, Lehigh Valley, PA A free standing kiosk set on the second floor of a covered mall is an ideal location when it comes to visibility. The project involved the conversion of an existing coffee stand to a Nestle Toll House Kiosk. FVHD provided design services to re-face the existing base walls, and provide new millwork and elements customary to the franchise image as well as complying to the Mall’s design criteria. Special attention had to be made to the equipment that would be needed based on the operational requirements of working within a limited space.

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