Principal Ted Hopkins Speaks to NJ School Officials About School Security

On Friday, September 28th, FVHD Principal Ted Hopkins, AIA, LEED AP spoke to Business Administrators and other school officials from School Districts all over New Jersey about the state of school security and what options are available to districts to combat this growing epidemic.  Part of the School Pool for Excess Liability Limits (SPELL) Joint Insurance Fund (JIF) Joint Retreat at Congress Hall in Cape May, New Jersey, topics ranged from physical school building improvements to changes in school procedures.

Titled "Hardening of the School Facility", the presentation focused on making schools a less tempting target as well as better protecting the occupants, should it become a target.  School security is not a one-size-fits-all solution and emphasis was placed on analyzing a school district and its surrounding community for the specific security concerns that need to be addressed.  Many options are on the table.  Some are very easy and inexpensive, like adding security film to any glass at the entrances, to the more complicated and expensive, like re-configuring the entry sequence of the building to better screen visitors.  However, simply changing the habits of how the building occupants deal with visitors, can be the most important, but sometimes hardest, change to implement.

To obtain a copy of the presentation, or to schedule a similar presentation, please contact Ted Hopkins at

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