Tuckerton Elementary School Community Tours Addition & Renovations

The Addition and Renovations for the Tuckerton Elementary School are now completed and the building was opened to the community for tours last month.  The improvements were met with great interest and excitement as the residents got a first hand look at the work in its final form, after they approved the project in 2016 through a bond referendum.

The project tackled the many desires of the District Board of Education and School Administration to improve building security for visitors, reconfigure the main parking lot & student drop off for better circulation, upgrade several primary HVAC systems, maximize handicapped accessibility, and enhance the school's curriculum, most notably through the creation of a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) Lab, now the pride and joy of the school.

Building security was improved though relocating the main office to the main parking lot/drop off side of the school, where most visitors come from, and the creation of a new entry stair tower, providing a direct secure path to the main office for check-in.  The parking lot was reconfigured to add parking spaces and provide a loop drop off drive for parents that removes cars from stacking up on the main road in the morning.  Part of the parking lot improvements included a new outdoor basketball court and early childhood playground.  Barrier-Free accessibility was provided to parts of the school that previously could not be accessed by a wheel chair.  This was accomplished with a new 3 floor elevator that connected critical school spaces such as the cafeteria, library and gymnasium, which are each on different levels.

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